The Benefits of Enrolling In Continuing Education ClassesThe Benefits of Enrolling In Continuing Education Classes

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The Benefits of Enrolling In Continuing Education Classes

Since childhood I’ve loved to learn new things. When I was a kid, I spent my summers reading every type of book I could get my hands on. Sometimes I even read encyclopedias. When I reached adulthood, my thirst for learning didn’t end. After earning a graduate degree in accounting, I continued to further my education. Continuous learning has many benefits. Besides making you an informed person, enrolling in an adult education class can help stimulate your brain. Keeping your brain fit is an important aspect of healthy aging. On this blog, I hope you will discover the many benefits of enrolling in continuing education classes in your free time.

Have You Recently Moved To The United States Of America?

If you have recently moved to the United States of America from Mexico, then Bien Venido! It must be nice knowing that you are not that far from your home country. While you might be feeling a bit lonesome for that which you left behind, you are more than likely also pretty excited about having new experiences. From finding a place to meet people who share your same interests to taking ESL classes, here are some ideas that might help you to feel at home in your new country.

Where To Go - If you have your own transportation, you're good to go anywhere you choose. However, if you don't yet own your own vehicle, don't let that stand in your way of getting to places where you can meet people who share your same interests. You will more than likely find that public transportation can take you to places like bowling alleys, art museums and to hobby stores where crafts are taught. Are you religious? If so, consider attending church where you can meet people and where you can get yourself established in the community. 

As you make friends, you will probably find that doing so will open doors to finding services you need. For example, you might get recommendations of doctors and dentists.

Broaden Your Opportunities - If you don't speak English, you have probably discovered that there are a lot of people in the United States who speak Spanish. But, wouldn't it be great to be able to communicate with others who don't speak Spanish? Consider enrolling in an ESL, or English As A Second Language, class. Check out schools and even your public library to find out if ESL classes are taught there. In ESL classes, you'll be instructed both in grammar and in conversational English. Your instructor will have the training and the experience to get you started in English, which can be a tricky language to learn. Just think of the combination of vowels like O,U,G and H. It's mind boggling to think that those letters can be pronounced differently in words like thought, though, through, and rough. It's crazy!

While you are taking ESL classes, think about things that will help you learn English. For instance, watch movies in English that also have Spanish subtitles. Consider choosing movies that are already familiar to you. Listen to radio stations where English is spoken, too. And, use your English anytime you can. Remember, practice makes perfect.